Flaksec was born in December 2020 as a collaborative project by a handful of infosec professionals. In a highly competitive and fast-paced field plagued by self-doubt, flaksec aims to defeat imposter syndrome using the simple exercise of sharing the never-ending journey of learning, sharing insight from the infosec trenches, and creating a much needed dialogue.


spapjh | Three years of infosec experience, two as SOC Analyst and one as IR Analyst. Bachelor’s of Science in Information Networking and Telecommunications. Talk to me about Raspberry Pi projects while half of my brain is still thinking about Football Manager.

caz | Cyber security analyst, family man, and bourbon drinker. Avid learner of the things.

CyberCovfefe | 7+ years of infosec experience; 3 as SOC Analyst/Engineer, 4 as an IR Analyst. Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Security. CompTIA Security +, Crowdstrike Certified Falcon Hunter (CCFH), Carbon Black Analyst, Google IT Automation (Python).

c | SOC Team Lead. Semi-Professional Log4j Exploit Understander. Taco connoisseur.

CEinfosec | Cybersecurity Consultant with 3 years of experience. Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. Sports enthusiast. Movie freak. Aspiring DJ.